Thursday, September 3, 2015

Industry from Colonial to the Modern Era

The above guide shows how each industry transitions into the next Era in Tropico 5. Keep this in mind as you start your island and move through the Eras.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tropico 5 Update 1.08

Supermax Prison
Fellow Tropicans, 
The Tropico Department of Public Announcements and Life Advice is proud to announce yet another major game and content update for Tropico 5. 
See the full changelog below:

Tropico 5: Waterborne Expansion Coming December 17th!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tropico 5 Update 1.04

Tropico 5 Update 1.04 Changelog (24-07-2014)

- Multiplayer: Added save/load game feature (matches are saved to all players locally and re-synced upon load)
- Multiplayer: Fixed issues with determining territory ownership
- Multiplayer: Fixed some asynchronous game states
- Fixed issues with some task chains
- Fixed food consumption modifiers when cancelling Extra Rations edict
- Fixed issues with rebuilding buildings with upgrades
- Fixed rare issue causing never ending fires
- Budget setting is restored for rebuilt buildings
- Fixed issue with "Send Army" action for protests
- Fixed a bug resulting in tanks destroying critical buildings they are not attacking
- Rebalanced cooldowns of Industrialization and Urban Development edicts
- Disabled radio announcements between campaign missions
- Democracy constitution mode no longer prevents military coups
- Coups and Uprisings no longer happen during the Colonial Era
- Modernization of Coffee and Cotton Plantations, Llama Ranches now restore upgrades correctly
- Various tweaks and improvements to controller input
- Depleted deposits display ruin piles to signify that the location is not suitable for construction
- Stray llama herd spotted in subway – situation is under control!