Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Arstechnica Review Highlights the Issues with Tropico 5

Rewards in Tropico 5 come mostly from following orders, not from understanding how the game's systems work and how to best exploit them. It all ends up feeling like the strategy game equivalent ofSkyrim’s excessive quest arrows or Far Cry 3’s overenthusiastic mini-map. A game overlay tells you exactly what to do instead of encouraging direct engagement with the game world. has a fantastic review up for Tropico 5. As much as I am enjoying the game, I think the above quote hits the nail on the head for what needs to change.

Nobody seems to understand how the game systems work. Rich Tropican's are living in shacks next to houses they should be able to afford. Players are trying everything to try and correct issues like this but all I have seen is speculation and confusion and no solutions. Players are asking themselves, "What am I doing wrong?" but they are quickly moving to, "What is wrong with the game?"

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