Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help Me Improve the Tropico 5 Tips and Tricks Page

I have been working on the Tropico 5 Tips and Tricks page as I play through the campaign. It is quite a bit of work for one person. If you have any tips or tricks to share, it would help me complete that section a lot faster.

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  1. uhh yeah I have a small tip that you might now.I call it ''Mission Accomplished''.You basicly choose Theocracy as religious policy and basicly and build religious buildings just about...everywhere.Because Theocracy policy makes religious buildings reduce crime you won't have to worry about high corruption,crime and you'll also make your citizens happy.So build a church behind a distillery or a catholic mission in between cabaret and pub.

  2. 4 trade ships assigned to export planks, yet still my freight ships haul off trade route exports(planks) leaving the trade ships short, I wouldn't care if the freight ships get me my trade route value for my trade route exports. But I dont think that's happening, please tell me I'm wrong, if not how to remedy this.
    Milk and coal are somehow bypassing their respective production facilities and is being exported without provocation from either delegation tasks or trade route, some not all. The cheese factory has more than enough room for my milk production, and the steel mill along with the power plant has plenty of room for the mined coal, yet I find some(not most) milk and coal being exported. On top of having 4 fully upgraded overloaded docks. The docks seem to be an easy way to lose the game as its the greatest(nxt2teamsters) bottle -neck to the economy, industry, foreign relations, ect... ineptitudes of micromanaging docks manifests multiple unavoidable undue challenges and difficulty. It would be great if you could ban things from being exported, that way teamsters have no choice but to transport certain things to certain places. Ultimately ineptitudes of micromanaging teamsters is @ the core of this problem. I understand what the problem is, I don't know how to work around these particular micromanaging ineptitudes.