Sunday, May 25, 2014

Help Me Improve the Tropico 5 Tips and Tricks Page

I have been working on the Tropico 5 Tips and Tricks page as I play through the campaign. It is quite a bit of work for one person. If you have any tips or tricks to share, it would help me complete that section a lot faster.

You can post your tips and tricks as a comment or email me at

I also set up a twitter account which will automatically tweet my blog posts. My twitter handle is @TropicoStrategy

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Also, this is a veteran owned and operated blog. This is a weekend to Honor the Fallen

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  1. uhh yeah I have a small tip that you might now.I call it ''Mission Accomplished''.You basicly choose Theocracy as religious policy and basicly and build religious buildings just about...everywhere.Because Theocracy policy makes religious buildings reduce crime you won't have to worry about high corruption,crime and you'll also make your citizens happy.So build a church behind a distillery or a catholic mission in between cabaret and pub.