Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tropico 5 Campaign Islands Overview

The Tropico 5 Campaign "Changing the World" involves moving the Islands of Cayo de Fortuna and Bao-Bao through the four Tropico 5 Eras. One of the new features of campaign mode is the buildings you place on the islands will move over to the new missions in different Eras. If you build poorly and complete the campaign mission as quickly as possible, you will get to a point where you cannot beat the later missions because you don't have the infrastructure to meet the mission deadlines. So build wisely!

Cayo de Fortuna

Cayo de Fortuna is a lush and fertile island. Growing conditions are highest for Banana, Cocoa, and Cattle/Goat Pastures. You can also grow Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Pineapple, Sugar and Tobacco in the right area. Llama and Pig Pastures are the only agricultural resources that do not have good growing areas. The island has a high natural beauty, which makes it a good island for future tourism. Trees grow throughout the island, making it a good island for logging. Beware of the Tsunami and Volcano threat near your starting city if you are playing with frequent disasters. But also keep in mind that the volcano is going to help you later in the game when you can build geothermal power plants.

The Cayo de Fortuna starting area is surrounded by good logging, farmland and pastures. I definitely think this is the easier map to start with because you have many options for making money. The mountains on either side of the starting city have nine mines between them, with two additional mines on the far side of the island.. They are obscured by fog at the beginning of the game so you need to send out exploration parties from your palace to discover them.

The far side of the island has some ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. You can place the ancient ruins luxury entertainment structure on top the ancient ruins in the World Wars Era in order to make it a tourist attraction. This side of the island is a good place to build up a tourist resort for all the different classes of tourist.


Bao-Bao is a desert island with large rocky mountains. The base of the mountains a littered with twelve mines. Two Iron mines are right next to your starting settlement and are not obscured by the fog. Most crops have limited growing space on Bao-Bao, so you will need to focus on mining, cotton, and wool (Llamas). Tsunami's are a huge threat to your main settlement if you have disasters on anything more than occasional. The large rocks on either side of your settlement offer tsunami protection if you can move your industry behind them. Tsunami's only seem to come from one direction so you can seek shelter on the far side of the island too.

Your starting area is right between two large mountains. So you expand behind your palace. Be mindful of where certain crops or ranches can be placed for maximum effectiveness. It will help if you set up your roads with those growing areas in mind. Bao-Bao is much more picky than Cayo de Fortuna, so you need to be smart about placement. Bao-Bao also has an ancient ruin near the starting settlement. With all the mines and the limited growing areas the mistakes you make in the early stages of the game will be more pronounced than if you were playing on Cayo de Fortuna.

Coming soon, Mission One, A New Dawn Walkthrough!

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