Friday, May 16, 2014

Tropico 5 Live Stream: Military Units, Budget, Rebels, Citizen Roles, Building Managers, and the Constitution

The Tropico 5 live demo gave us lots of new information on the new features in Tropico 5. Here is a list and description of some of the best new features I saw in the first half of the live demo. I will have more on the live demo tonight or tomorrow.

Military Units

After declaring Martial Law, Rebels rose up and attacked a plantation. The developers comments on combat were as follows:

"These red icons that you see are actually squads. We have squad based battle."

The rebels were then promptly bombed by aircraft from a Tropico's aircraft carrier. However, it was not enough to save the plantation.

After the aircraft hit the rebels, the developers were distracted and didn't add more information on combat in Tropico 5.

"The Budget is a new streamlined way to micromanage your island and your buildings. Because the thing about the budget is that it not only affects the amount of salary that is distributed to the workers, thus attracting more or less workers, but it also makes the building more efficient."


Rebels can be identified through police stations and intelligence activities. Once they have been identified, they are noted with a red marker over their head with a yellow fist. The rebels will also have a leader, who can also be identified through police investigations. 

Citizen Roles

Another new feature is the roles of Tropico's Citizens. There are both positive and negative roles. Positive roles include administrators and generals. While negative roles include rebels and crime lords.

Building Managers

Citizen Administrators can add their expertise to improve the management of Tropico's buildings. I will go into this feature in more detail in my next blog post.


Tropico's Cold War Era Constitution Features three tabs. The first tab deals with Voting Rights, Religion and State, and Tropico's Armed Forces. 

Under Religion and State you can have a Theocracy, Secular State or Atheist State. According to the developers, a factions tolerance for an article in the Constitution can change over the Era's. So the religious faction may not support a secular state in the Colonial Era, they will be more open to it in the Modern Era.

The second tab in the Constitution deals with Political Rights, Labor Policy and Citizenship.

Labor Policy gives you the option of enabling child labor and late retirement through Work For All. Or you can eliminate child labor with the Happy Childhood Policy. If you love your Tropicans, you can enable Workers Paradise which allows for early retirement and improves worker happiness.

The third tab deals with Personal Rights. You can reduce liberty and lower the cost of assassination and banish through the Total State Control. Or you can focus on Security Surveillance in order to discover the different roles your citizens play in the factions of Tropico. An Open Society will increase liberty on the island of Tropico but limits your ability to assassinate or banish your citizens. It is also harder to discover citizen roles in the factions of Tropico.

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