Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tropico 5: New Features Round Up

Since I was not lucky enough to be selected for the Tropico 5 Beta, I have been looking around to see what new features and structural changes will be coming to Tropico 5. This is what I have found, I also included some screenshots off the Tropico 5 Era's Trailer.


With the addition of Era's to Tropico 5, you will have the opportunity to fight off colonial rule and establish a new Constitution for the newly independent nation of Tropico. The Tropico Constitution will set the governing principals of your island nation. I would assume you will have the option to modify your constitution as time goes on, but if it is anything like real life, modifying the constitution will not be an easy task.

(Update) While looking through articles about the upcoming game, I found this tidbit from PC Gamer:

The constitution is designed to be a lasting and slowly evolving document – alterations to it are only possible after a ten-year period. Once again, your choices will have a lasting effect of positives and negatives. Male-only voting rights might ensure easier election victories and a stronger military, but increase the chance of a revolution from the disenfranchised population. The changing eras have an influence here too. The religious faction will initially be thrilled and further bolstered by a declaration of theocracy, but even they will become unhappy if it persists through to the modern age. (Link)

Grid System

Buildings will now be placed on a grid system rather than free form as in Tropico 4. I am definitely a fan of this as I often found myself trying to squeeze buildings into tight spaces in Tropico 4. The grid system should help with city planning. I also hope it will help with laying down roads and objects on hillsides.


As you progress through the Era's, you will now be able to research technology, educate workers, and upgrade El Presidente's skills. The research system seems similar to the Civilization research trees. It doesn't look like the research is separated into trees as it is in Civilization. I assume the research will be separated by Eras.

El Presidente's Family

El Presidente will finally get to practice some good old nepotism by appointing family members to positions around Tropico. I assume you will be able to appoint family members as Ministers and Generals. But we have yet to see if their will be new political positions created for El Presidente to appoint family members too.

Another question is since El Presidente is no longer immortal, will appointing family members and potential successors to political positions help them gain skills. Similar to how Rome: Total War allows you to appoint heirs and groom them for leadership.

(Update) While looking through articles about the upcoming game, I found this tidbit from PC Gamer:
The returning systems have been fleshed out to provide an added purpose to their role in the game. A case in point is the Swiss bank account, which in previous Tropicos served only as the player’s score. Here, the money that you embezzle can be used to level up El Presidente’s dynasty.Rather than a single ruler, in Tropico 5 you’re responsible for an entire family. Not only will they walk and work around the island, they can also be selected to trigger an election and take over the presidential role. Each member of your dynasty will have different, upgradeable attributes that can be beneficial at certain times throughout the life of a city. Maybe you’ll want an economic leader to make the most of a particular trade deal, or a diplomatic one to cool tempers and hold off a foreign invasion. (Link)

From what I have been reading, El Presidente will not be immortal. He will likely pass on between the Era's. Forcing you to use family members to continue El Presidente's legacy.

From the Era's video, here are the listed Eras:

Pre-1850 - Colonial Rule
1850-1900 - Free Your Colony From Foreign Rule and Declare Independence
1900-1950 - Research and Develop New Technologies to Survive the Great War
1950-2000 - Ally with Global Superpowers to Survive the Cold War
2000-2050 - Face the Challenges of the 21st Century and Beyond


From Timo on the Official Kalypso Forums:
Multiplayer matches in Tropico 5 will take place on a single island, with large maps separating each player's starting positions with natural feats such as elevation, rocks, lakes, rivers or even peninsulas. 
Playing on separate islands would make competitive or cooperative gameplay obsolete as there is no mechanic of inter-island traffic and transportation, nor will this be introcuded in Tropico 5.
To make multiplayer matches interesting, players will not build up their own islands in isolation but rather compete or work together in shaping a single nation. There are may ways to interact with each other, most of which would be pointless if players were to rule their own independent islands. (Link)

Any additional content will not affect or be available in online multiplayer modes. Also, Tropico 5 will not ship with a challenge editor.

More info on new features in Tropico 5 can be found on my Live Stream Posts

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