Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tropico 5: Campaign Mission 1 Walkthrough

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Mission 1: A New Dawn

Note: You can start a New Dawn on either Cayo de Fortuna or Bao-Bao. If you complete a New Dawn on Cayo de Fortuna, the second mission will be in the Colonial Era on Bao-Bao. But it will be a different mission with similar objectives. It is the same if you start on Bao Bao, the second mission will be on Cayo de Fortuna.

Cayo de Fortuna

In the first mission of Cayo de Fortuna, you will be contacted by an agent of the mysterious Order and instructed to win your independence from the Crown. Your first task is to raise your popular support over 50%. As you work to raise popular support, you must continue to please the Crown so your mandate will be extended. You must also raise the support of the Revolutionary faction by completing their missions.

In the Colonial Era, your economy will be centered around cash crops and trade routes. Make sure you build extra docks so you have extra ships available for trade routes. Since cocoa, banana and cattle/goat grow well on Caya de Fortuna, I usually build a few plantations and ranches for those crops. The Crown will ask you to grow cotton and export it for mandate extensions/new settlers. Cotton only grows well in a few areas, so scout those spots out and place your cotton plantations there.

I usually accept new settlers from the Crown in the beginning but switch to mandate extensions when I am growing my revolutionary support. When I complete the Revolutionary Support missions, I almost always accept the 3 educated citizens. As long as you continue to build plantations to keep up with immigration you should be fine on money.

The Happiness tab in the Almanac will help you target specific areas when building support for revolution.

  • Raise crime safety and religion by building catholic missions. Later in the game, you can upgrade the catholic missions to provide community aid, which improves housing quality in nearby homes by 10 (with a max of 20).
  • Raise entertainment by building more taverns and at least one opera building.
  • Raise food by diversifying the types of crops and ranches on your island. Also build at least 1 grocery for every 150 citizens. Otherwise your Tropican's will need to walk to the plantation to get their food.
  • If you have high homelessness, build more country houses. I will also build a few mansions if I have excess money. I like the way they look and they go well with the gardens.
  • I usually don't have a problem with Jobs unless I forget to keep up with growth and have a lot of unemployed Tropicans.
Once you are ready for revolution, follow this Tropico 5: How To Declare Independence Guide.

Bao Bao

If you decide to do the first mission on Bao Bao instead of Cayo de Fortuna, it will be the exact same mission with the same objectives. The difference lies in the strengths of the island of Bao Bao.

Here is my island built up enough to win the scenario. I built some cotton plantations to complete some missions for the crown even though the soil is not the best for cotton. I ended up changing the crops to tobacco, pineapple and cocoa because the area they are at is better suited for those crops. I also sent my soldiers out to explore the mines further into my island. The road at the top of the above screenshot goes to those mines.

Remember to keep checking your trade offers to see if you can export your goods for a higher price. Right now there is no way to tell how much your goods are being exported for unless it is through a specific trade deal. 

Sometimes you might get lucky and see an import/export deal. I imported Gold from thew Pirates for $2,250 and exported it to the smugglers for $3,125. It helps if you maintain a good balance of cash for these types of opportunities. Whenever a ship came in with the gold, it would drain my treasury until another ship exported the gold.

Lastly, do not forget to build up your military infrastructure. If you decide to fight the crown, you will need at least two forts near the docks and several guard towers. The guard towers will attract and damage the enemy units while your infantry units make their way to the fight. It helps to group your guard towers so they can provide overlapping fire on enemy units.

Once you are ready for revolution, follow this Tropico 5: How To Declare Independence Guide.


  1. Thanks so much for this! Very helpful!

  2. Hii, i want to ask why after i declare independence it stops and the game is giving me onother mision, instead of proceedenig to the next era, please tell me how to proceed to the next era, after i declare independence, thanks...

    1. That's just how the story missions work. If you want that I suggest a scenario or sandbox where it follows on

    2. That's just how the story missions work. If you want that I suggest a scenario or sandbox where it follows on

  3. goran - keep playing the game

  4. Any chance you can do the same for the following missions?
    I tend to always fail around Mission 7-9, evening following your advice for the starting city layout.
    I really like this game, but either my balance goes negative at some point or I cant keep the happiness up high enough.

    Thanks for the guide though; was really helpful!

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