Friday, June 6, 2014

Tropico 5: How to View Resource Price, Production, Consumption, and Exports/Imports

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The Tropico 5 Almanac gives you the tools you need to manage the island of Tropico. One of the most helpful features is the Resource Overview on the Economy tab.

The Resource Overview section gives you the ability to see where your resources are going. So if you are considering building another cigar factory, you can look at your production and exportation to see if you have the capacity to build another cigar factory.

Clicking on a particular resource allows you to see which buildings are producing your raw resources. The stars indicate how many upgrades you have completed on each building. They are silver if you have not completed the upgrade and gold if they are complete. Many buildings have more than one upgrade so they will have multiple stars.


  1. How do I stop from exporting something?

    For example, I import gold to make into jewelry... but when I pay 3,000 for 100 units of gold, it's a tossup whether that gold ends up in my factory and eventually sold for a $4,000 profit or whether it never makes it off the dock and I take a $500 loss.

    1. Good question that feature would be fucking usefull...

  2. Yeah I have seen problems with importing raw materials for production, which simply end up clogging the docks and wasting factory capital.