Friday, June 20, 2014

Tropico 5: How to View Special Citizens, Crime Lords, and Faction Leaders

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While you play, you may notice Tropican's walking around with little tags over their heads. The tag denotes Special Citizens. Faction leaders, Rebels, and Crime Lords all fall under the Special Citizens category. Special Citizens are discovered by Police Stations, the Secret Police Edict, the Census Edict, or by the Agent Building Manager.

To view the Special Citizens on your island, open up your Almanac and go to the People tab. Click on the big upside-down triangle/arrow between deaths and the population graph.

You will see the Special Citizens line at the bottom. Click on it to see the Special Citizens who have been discovered on your island.

This is an easy way to locate faction leaders who you may want to kill, bribe, banish or discredit. If you have high corruption on your island, target your islands Crime Lords for banishment. If you are looking to increase your standing with a faction, try bribing the faction leader. If you need to reduce the strength of a faction, try discrediting the faction leader. Just be wary if you have a lot of unrest on the island. Kill, banish and discredit can cause a rebel uprising. 

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