Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tropico 5 Update 1.08

Supermax Prison
Fellow Tropicans, 
The Tropico Department of Public Announcements and Life Advice is proud to announce yet another major game and content update for Tropico 5. 
See the full changelog below:

  • Merged foreign relations and multiplayer diplomacy into new diplomacy interface
  • New building: Supermax Prison! Adds new ‘arrest’ action for citizens. Arrested citizens lose their negative roles at the end of their prison term
  • Added population limit slider to options menu (applies to both single and multiplayer modes)
  • Added option to disable event minicam (text only notifications will be displayed instead)
  • Added option to disable radio messages
  • Improved teamster efficiency in high traffic situations
  • Corrected ‘Qualified Professionals’ upgrade for office buildings
  • Edicts which can be enabled once per island will now stay active in consequential campaign missions
  • Almanac fixes: Removed ‘Monthly Production’ stat for docks, closed positions no longer count as open jobs
  • Fishing wharves no longer produce fish when deposits are depleted
  • Fixed ‘Uranium Enrichment’ upgrade for nuclear power plant
  • Fixed a rare case of pirates getting stuck after battle
  • Gardens can now be demolished using controller input scheme
  • Fixed continuity bugs in ‘Franz Ferdinand’ task chain
  • Rebalanced ‘Alliance with the EU’ task
  • Multiplayer: Fixed rare crash after accessing multiplayer mode from main menu
  • Multiplayer: Names of defeated players are now displayed correctly
  • Multiplayer: Citizen lists in almanac are now updated as the game progresses

Always remember to vote for El Presidente – or else!

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